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March 30, 2004
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Basic Gundam head by V2Buster Basic Gundam head by V2Buster
Panel 1-Block out the general shape of the Gundam's head. The example I chose to do today is the RX-78-2 ver Ka, because it is the basic no frills Gundam. Once you can draw the RX-78, you can draw any Gundam you want. Anyhoo, Gundam staples are the helmet style head, with the IR Mohawk sensor, side vents, v fin antennae, two eyes, and face plate. As you can see, all the basics are sketched out here. Any mistakes about proportions and perspective should be fixed here! Otherwise you're ****ed later.

Panel 2-Start fleshing out those features!

Panel 3-Adding detail

Panel 4-Finished product. Quickly added some rudimentary shading and background. I'd like to note at this time that this was done in 30 min in Opencanvas with a tablet, so it's not meant to be any grand piece of art.

(This tutorial was written for in prelude for one of the Animerica Mecha contests. It's really pretty badly done in hindsight, but I figure someone might get something out of it. I'll see about making a better one some day.)
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Yohannix Jun 9, 2012  Student Artist
Wow!\m/ I can make now my own mecha. I appreciate this drawing so much. :D
ChocolateDivineDiva Oct 14, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
kewl stuff~~ thanks for the lesson, not that i draw mechs or anything past landscapes. ^^;
rossriders Apr 17, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job there.
waterslayer Mar 31, 2004   Digital Artist
You really should start off with a more basic shape... otherwise, this could be helpful for those who already know generally what they're doing.
Are you saying that I should start off every tutorial with "How to draw an oval and a rectangle"?
jackmcslay Apr 1, 2004   General Artist
I think he said you shouldn't start the tutorial with most of the head's shape defined... like, I start drawing mecha heads with a "house" shape, with the "roof" being the face, and then I define the head
Yeah, well, I never elaborate on stuff like that because then it stops being me trying to discuss drawing mecha and some of the theory that I've noticed behind it, and more into how to draw mecha like me, which I don't want.
Good stuff man, it helps!!, i can't draw mecha for beans >:/
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